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We also provide specialized translation and interpreting services for inbound tourism.

Demand for translation of audio files, videos, images, subtitles, and other content has been growing in recent years. At JTC, we are expanding our services targeting such content so that we can meet this burgeoning demand. As part of this, we are focusing on translation of tourist guides and product promotional materials as well as narration services to help our clients handle increasing inbound tourism to Japan. We are the company to turn to when it comes to coordinating tourism-specialized translators and interpreters who are skilled at highlighting Japan's attractions to international visitors. We also dispatch translators and interpreters to companies and events.


The Japan Translation Center presents a modern translation of Hotsuma Tsutae, Japan's oldest historical story. The oldest version now available to us was copied in the year 1779, but it is said to have been first written more than 1,800 years ago.


  • Hotsuma Collection (Reprint edition)By Yoshinosuke Matsumoto

    Price : 20,000 yen (tax included)
    Publisher : Japan Translation Center, Ltd.
    ISBN : 978-4-931326-05-7

    A collection of writings considered to be the greatest achievement of Yoshinosuke Matsumoto, the discoverer of the Hotsuma Tsutae.

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  • The Hotsuma Tsutae by Waniko Yasutoshi (1779)Reprint supervision by Yoshinosuke MatsumotoRevised second printing

    Price : 10,000 yen (tax not included)
    Publisher : Japan Translation Center, Ltd.
    ISBN : 4-931326-02-6
    Date of publication : November 2016 (revised second printing)

    The Waniko original version of the Hotsuma Tsutae, plus a commentary on the course of tradition of the Hotsuma Tsutae by Yoshinosuke Matsumoto.

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  • The Hotsuma Legends-Paths of the AncestorsBy Yoshinosuke Matsumoto

    Price : 2,000 yen (tax not included)
    Publisher : Japan Translation Center, Ltd.
    ISBN : 4-931326-01-3
    Date of publication : October 1999

    Adapted from an original by Yoshinosuke Matsumoto, who discovered the Hotsuma Tsutae for the modern age. An introduction to an unknown prehistory of Japan. (English version)

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