Personal Information Protection Policy

With the growth of advanced information technology, companies and industries are now increasingly linked together by information networks. These make it easy to execute personal information searches and other functions that would once have been physically impossible.
Considering the importance of protecting personal information and specific personal information (hereinafter "specific personal information, etc."), we, the Japan Translation Center, must make every effort to ensure the safety and reliability of information systems in this advanced IT society, while fostering an awareness of protecting the personal information of our employees. We will redouble our efforts to apply this principle when developing our business, and will strive to ensure that the rights of the individual are not infringed.
Being mainly engaged in the business of translation and interpretation, we now declare our policy on protecting specific personal information, etc., as set forth below. We do so with the aim of creating a management system to protect all personal information handled in connection with this business, as well as the specific personal information, etc., of our employees and all others whose personal details we handle.

Protection Policy for Personal Information
  1. In our business activities, we will maintain a system whereby specific personal information, etc., can be reliably acquired, used and provided as appropriate.
  2. When gathering specific personal information, etc., we will specify the purpose of use, limit our use and provision to a previously agreed scope, and build a management system to ensure that such information may not be used for any other purpose. Moreover, when entrusting specific personal information, etc., held by this company to an entity outside the company, we will engage in evaluation and management of the receiving entity to maintain a safe level of protection.
  3. We will devise effective safety management measures and other preventive measures to guard against the various risks that could affect specific personal information, etc., handled by this company (leakage, loss or damage). If such risks should occur, we will prevent recurrence by promptly taking corrective measures throughout the company.
    We will also respond promptly to complaints and requests for consultation regarding specific personal information, etc.
  4. We will constantly monitor and observe laws and ordinances related to the handling of specific personal information, etc., as well as guidelines, rules and other regulations stipulated by the government.
  5. We will build a management system for the protection of specific personal information, etc., make continuous improvements through internal auditing and periodic reviews, and maintain an appropriate system of management.

Japan Translation Center, Ltd.
President: Risa Takabatake
Policy formulated: January 1st, 2007
Last amended: October 1st, 2017

For inquiries concerning this Protection Policy for Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, please contact: General Affairs Department

TEL: 03-3291-0655
FAX: 03-3294-0657
Notice Concerning the Purpose of Use of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information
  1. Purpose of Use

    The Japan Translation Center (hereinafter "JTC") shall use personal information and specific personal information within the scope necessary to accomplish the items detailed in the Business Description and Purpose of Use shown below. In addition, when the purpose of use of specific personal information is separately restricted by law, JTC shall not handle said information beyond the purpose that is permitted.

    Business Description

    • Translation, interpreting and editing
    • Work ancillary to the above (e.g. editing, printing, etc.)
    • Personnel dispatch connected with translation and interpreting

    Purpose of Use

    • To execute JTC's work
    • To recruit, select for hiring, and notify provisional job offers to JTC translators, interpreters, editors and employees
    • To manage the employment of employees; manage the registration of translators, interpreters, editors, and others entrusted with work; execute administrative work for the preparation of payment records; and handle individual tax returns
  2. Provision of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information
    JTC shall not provide or disclose personal information or specific personal information it has gathered to any third party without the owning person's consent.
  3. Subcontracting of Processing of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information
    JTC shall not subcontract the processing of personal information it has gathered to any third party. However, when a person will provide JTC with his or her Individual Number ("My Number"), JTC shall ask that person to personally upload the number to the Individual Number management service that JTC has subcontracted.
  4. Other Matters
    • Although JTC asks applicants to provide certain items of personal information as part of its recruitment process, applicants are under no obligation to provide said items. However, JTC may decide not to hire an applicant if it is unable to make a judgment on registration or hiring because certain personal information has been withheld.
    • Procedure for disclosure, amendment, etc.
      JTC accepts requests for the disclosure of personal information and specific personal information provided to it; notification of the purpose of use; amendment or suspension of use when the content of personal information in its possession is contrary to fact, etc.; and suspension of third-party provision (hereinafter all referred to as "disclosure, etc."). For details on the procedure for requesting disclosure, etc., please inquire with the contact person specified below.
    • Consultation or complaints concerning the handling of personal information or specified personal information
      Consultation, complaints or other inquiries concerning JTC's handling of personal information or specified personal information should be addressed to the following contact person.

    Personal Information Protection Manager
    Japan Translation Center, Ltd.

Japan Translation Center, Ltd. has been accredited as the licensed user of the "Privacy Mark" since October 2009.

PrivacyMark System is a system set up to assess private enterprises that take appropriate measures to protect personal information. Such private enterprises are granted the right to display "PrivacyMark" in the course of their business activities. The System is in compliance with Japan Industrial Standards (JIS Q 15001:2006 [Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements]).