Translation of various application documents

We translate all types of application documents for foreign nationals who study, work, or permanently reside in Japan. We can handle a wide variety of documents, including: family- and daily living-related certificates, such as family registers and certificates of residence; study- and work-related certificates, such as student registration certificates and résumés; and certificates pertaining to company establishment, such as copies of registration certificates. We also provide other services that include issuing translation certificates, which applications often require, and providing notarization.
Additionally, we strictly control the personal information we obtain through our services and immediately destroy it when work is completed.

Work Process

STEP1 Consultation

The first step is to inquire with JTC using the Inquiry in English form, by e-mail, or by telephone.
A representative will ask you about the nationality, type of document, deadline, receipt of original, final format, and other matters. If you will require a translation certificate or notarization, please notify your representative at this time.

Estimates and Consultation
STEP2 Sending of document

We will ask you to send your document to us by e-mail, postal mail, or other means.

STEP3 Preparation of estimate

We will prepare an estimate based on your inquiry.

STEP4 Payment

If you are a non-corporate (i.e., individual) client, please pay the fee to the designated bank account. *Please refrain from mailing cash.

STEP5 Translation

We will begin the translation immediately upon confirming that we have received payment. We will complete the translation accurately, quickly, and in accordance with the JTC QC Standards.

STEP6 Delivery

Once the translation is completed and we have prepared the necessary documents (translation certificate, notarization, etc.), we will deliver them to you by e-mail or the postal service.

Examples of Translated Documents

Family- and daily living-related certificates
  • Family register
  • Certificate of all matters
  • Marriage registration, marriage certificate, affidavit of competency to marry
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of residence
  • Certificate of dwelling
  • Driver's license
  • Invitation letter
  • Partition of inheritance statement
  • Passport
Study- and work-related certificates
  • Student registration certificate
  • Graduation certificate
  • Certificate of employment
  • Pay statement
  • Tax withholding statement (Due to the complexity of the forms, please inquire in advance.)
  • Income certificate
  • Payment certificate
  • Résumé
  • Academic paper/essay, etc. (Please inquire in advance due to the need to check specialized content.)
  • Certificate of qualification
Medical care-related certificates
  • Medical certificate
  • Doctor's letter
Banking-related certificates
  • Balance certificate
  • Passbook
Documents pertaining to the establishment of a company
  • Copy of registration certificate
  • Company advertising, product catalog, menu, etc.
Product instruction manuals
  • Machinery manual
Other items, letters, etc.
  • Handwritten items, etc.


Approximate fee (excluding tax)
Ordinary family register, certificate of employment, marriage registration, etc. From 6,000 yen per sheet
Issuance of translation certificate From 5,000 yen per sheet
Notarization From 20,000 yen per one time

Please inquire about our fee for attaching an apostille,* as this fee varies from country to country.

  • A certification of a public document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. It is required for marriage, obtaining a visa, establishing a company, etc.
Estimates and Consultation


Please make payment to the Japan Translation Center's designated account.

  • Please refrain from mailing cash.

Payments to the designated bank account may be made by PayPal.

Please make payments to
Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Branch Jinbocho
Account No 1375863
Account type current account
Name Japan Translation Center, Ltd.