We provide high-quality translations by employing a team of native speakers and Japanese personnel.

As Japan's pioneering translation company, we provide translations that satisfy our clients' demands with both accuracy and speed. We handle English, Chinese, and other languages from all around the world. We provide high-quality translations for all these languages with our team of native speakers and Japanese personnel.

JTC's Quality Control (QC) Standard

We execute quality control based on the following seven standards to raise the quality of our translations and enhance the skills of our translators.

The Seven JTC QC Standards

1Knowledge of specialized fields
Whether they are in information technology, medical care, copyrights, or a diverse range of other fields, our specialized representatives listen carefully to precisely ascertain the client's needs. They then bring in the right translators, leveraging the knowledge and information JTC has accumulated through more than 50 years in business.
2Power of interpretation
It goes without saying that the ability to read and comprehend content accurately is indispensable when translating highly specialized material. We therefore assign highly capable translators who possess this ability to handle the client's project.
3Compositional ability
Our translators fully comprehend the source text and then translate it by applying strong writing ability. From direct translation that remains faithful to the original to liberal translation that emphasizes expressive power, we provide the translation that the client wants.
4Accuracy of translation
Native speakers prepare a precise translation of the source material, and then our proofreaders rigorously check it for accuracy.
5Ability to introduce designated terminology and formalized expressions
We faithfully adhere to the client's instructions regarding terminology and expressions. We also fully reflect the client's preferences concerning proper nouns for countries, places, and people in the finished product.
6Precision in reproducing figures and symbols
The notation of dates, monetary amounts, symbols, and other information can differ between Japanese and other languages. We therefore pay close attention when translating numbers and symbols and render them faithfully.
7Speed of translation
We deliver a high-quality translation, prepared in line with standards 1 to 6, at the time designated by the client. Even in cases with a high-priority deadline, we make every possible effort to meet it.

From Consultation to Delivery

The same JTC representative takes responsibility for all aspects of a project's work process, from consultation until delivery. This allows even first-time clients to use our services with peace of mind.

Receipt and Delivery Formats

Electronic files, the postal service, and various other media can be used to submit originals.

Please consult with your JTC representative if you wish to use a format not listed above or your material cannot leave your premises.

Representative Examples of Receipt and Delivery

OverwritingWe deliver the translation in the same format in which the original arrived.
Format ConversionWe deliver the translation in the format you desire.


Translation from Japanese into the following languages One character in original text/yen (excluding tax)
English 12 to 25 yen
Chinese (simplified) 12 to 25 yen
Chinese (traditional) 12 to 25 yen
Korean 12 to 25 yen
Spanish 15 to 30 yen
French 15 to 30 yen
German 15 to 30 yen
Portuguese 18 to 30 yen
Italian 18 to 30 yen
Russian 15 to 30 yen
Thai 15 to 30 yen
Indonesian 15 to 30 yen
Vietnamese 15 to 30 yen
Burmese 18 to 30 yen
Mongolian 15 to 30 yen
Tagalog 15 to 30 yen
Lao 18 to 30 yen
Arabic 18 to 30 yen
Turkish 15 to 30 yen
Translation from the following languages into Japanese One word in original text/yen (excluding tax)
(Chinese or Korean: One character)
English 15 to 20 yen
Chinese (simplified) 15 to 25 yen
Chinese (traditional) 15 to 25 yen
Korean 15 to 25 yen
Spanish 20 to 35 yen
French 20 to 35 yen
German 20 to 35 yen
Portuguese 25 to 35 yen
Italian 25 to 35 yen
Russian 25 to 35 yen
Thai 25 to 35 yen
Indonesian 25 to 35 yen
Vietnamese 25 to 35 yen
Burmese 25 to 35 yen
Mongolian 25 to 35 yen
Tagalog 25 to 35 yen
Lao 25 to 35 yen
Arabic 30 to 40 yen
Turkish 25 to 35 yen
  • Document checks/rewrites: Starting from 12 yen
  • Other languages: Please ask about Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Bengali, Malay, Nepali, Czech, Khmer, Hebrew, and other languages.
  • The per-character and per-word fees provided above are for reference. The fee may change depending on the document's technical difficulty, necessity of proofreading by a native speaker, need for layout preparation, volume, and other conditions.
  • We will apply a minimum charge of 400 characters for translations from Japanese into another language and 200 words for translations from another language into Japanese (Chinese or Korean: 400 characters).
  • Fees may be subject to change without notice.