We can handle all media and formats for both receipt and delivery

We are experienced in using a vast variety of media and formats. We are ready to deliver translations of the originals you submit in the formats you desire, thus keeping things as simple as possible for you.*

Some exceptions may apply. Please ask for details.

Acceptable Media

Originals may be submitted via various media, including as electronic files and by the postal service.

Please consult with your JTC representative if you wish to use a format not listed above or your material cannot leave your premises.

From e-mail or a file transfer service to the postal service, you can submit your items using whatever medium you choose. Our HTML translations for websites are also codec compliant to give you peace of mind.
If your file is too large to submit by e-mail or a file transfer service, feel free to send it to us by postal mail, or other means stored on a USB memory stick or DVD. In such cases, we will deliver the translated file to you on a DVD or other medium.

Acceptable Applications and Formats

From Microsoft Office products to desktop publishing and design applications, we can handle a wide variety of applications.
If you do not have any particular preferences, we will overwrite the translation onto the format you provided for delivery. However, we can also change to a different format from the one you submitted or extract only the portions you need translated from design data. Please feel free to ask for more information.

Send and receive delivery of your items using your choice of media.
We can also change your items into almost any kind of data format.

We will receive and deliver your items as your needs require. Please inquire about our fees when asking for an estimate.

Representative Examples of Receipt and Delivery

OverwritingWe deliver the translation in the same format in which it arrived.
Format ConversionWe deliver the translation in the format you desire.

Microsoft Office applications

Application Corresponding format







Desktop publishing and design applications

Application Corresponding format







Other applications

Application Corresponding format







In some cases, we may update files that were submitted to us from an older version of a software application to the latest version for delivery. Please understand that this may result in the conversion of some data.

  • In addition to the above, we can also handle graphics files and website HTML files.
    Please ask using the Inquiry in English form if the format you desire is not listed.