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Good translation demands accuracy, speed, and rich powers of expression. These are the qualities we expect, and receive in full, from our proficient translating staff - experts in a wide variety of languages and fields. JTC promises translation of the highest order, backed by strict protection of confidentiality and rigorous quality control.
JTC applies seven criteria to monitor the quality of its output. The aim is to improve quality and enhance, or complement, the skills of our translators. The final result is translation of the highest order - the fruit of teamwork between native staff in each language and Japanese coordinators, using a wealth of data and skills amassed from nearly 40 years in the industry.   JTC QC Standards
Knowledge of special fields
Power of interpretation
Compositional ability
Accuracy of translation
Ability to introduce designated terminology and formalized expressions
Precision in reproducing figures and symbols
Speed of translation
English Chinese Portuguese Arabic
German Hangul (Korean) Bahasa Indonesia Persian
French Russian Thai Dutch
Spanish Italian Vietnamese  
  Other languages available on request
Information technology, Communications   Public Relations
Energy   Computers (hardware, software)
Politics, Economics   Civil engineering, Architecture
Space, Aviation Marketing
Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacology Machinery, Engineering
Finance Fisheries
Military, Defense Others
Environment, Resources  
Annual reports, Financial reports   Service manuals, User manuals
Company introductions & profiles   PR materials
Project plans, Business plans   Newsletters, Press releases
Conference materials, Presentation materials Contracts
Standards & regulations, Laws & ordinances Patents
Theses, Scientific & technical dissertations Others
Event scenarios, Broadcasting scripts  
We handle all types of media, including web sites, CD-ROM, DVD, and of course good old paper. We can also handle all sorts of file format, including Word, Power Point, PDF, HTML, and Quark Express. Let us know your requirements.
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