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  Work processes
JTC has its own system for processing language work in diverse data and media formats. In collaboration with specialists in languages, design, and media, we offer a multiplicity of services from consultancy to production of multilingual contents.
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 Other languages available on request
We can answer your requirements efficiently and economically with offset printing, on-demand printing, CTP printing, etc., to suit your purpose. And for the sake of environmental protection, we can print on recycled paper or non-wood pulp papers made from sugar cane, hemp, banana fiber, or others.
Interactive Media
As well as hard text, we also produce interactive media such as CD-ROM, CD cards, and DVD, using video images, music, narration, and animation. These can be used for a variety of purposes, including company introductions, personnel recruitment, education, presentations, PR for new products, catalogs, manuals, and troubleshooting aids.
Web site and system construction
We provide optimal solutions through collaboration with experts in all fields, from HTML conversion of text to application development and Internet system construction. When localizing web sites, this needs to be done with an awareness of local characteristics, such as patterns of behavior and preferences. Also, when producing multilingual contents, our composition should take account of work efficiency to ensure the minimum number of changes, whatever the language. At JTC, we apply the know-how gained through decades of translation experience to producing multimedia contents.
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