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  Work processes
  System of charges
The table below shows our basic work processes. These can be adjusted flexibly according to the situation.
1 Inquiry & initial meeting
Following the initial inquiry, a meeting is held to discuss requirements. This includes discussion of the content, conditions, interpreting format, etc. An interpreting coordination proposal is then drawn up on the basis of this.

2 Preparation & progression
Our operational staff communicate, liaise, and negotiate with the event organizers, while concurrently gathering relevant documentation and making preliminary preparations.

3 Coordination
We arrange interpreters, adjust schedules, prepare materials, and coordinate the installation and operation of interpreting systems.

4 Preliminary study by interpreter
The interpreter researches relevant literature and checks the contents and specialist terminology.

5 Final confirmation
We make final adjustments and confirm the interpreting system, conference materials, interpreters, and coordinating staff.

6 Implementation
We take every precaution to ensure the smooth running of the conference.

7 Preparation of report
We prepare transcripts of video or audio tapes and draw up minutes or reports.
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