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The oldest version now available to us was copied in the year 1779, but it is said to have been first written more than 1,800 years ago. The Japan Translation Center is working on a progressive translation of the text into contemporary Japanese, and thence into English.

Price : - 8,000 yen (Main text)
    4,000 yen (Study text)
Publisher :   Japan Translation Center, Ltd.
ISBN :   4-931326-02-1
Date of publication :   April 2001

The Waniko original version of the Hotsuma Tsutae, plus a commentary on the course of tradition of the Hotsuma Tsutae by Yoshinosuke Matsumoto.

The Hotsuma Legends-Paths of the ancestors
by Yoshinosuke Matsumoto

Price : - 2,000 yen
Publisher :   Japan Translation Center, Ltd.
ISBN :   4-931326-01-3
Date of publication :   October 1999

Adapted from an original by Yoshinosuke Matsumoto, who discovered the Hotsuma Tsutae for the modern age. An introduction to an unknown prehistory of Japan. (English version)

The World of the Hotsuma Legends
by Mitsuru Ikeda

Price : - 1,100 yen
Publisher :   Japan Translation Center, Ltd.
ISBN :   4-931326-00-5
Date of publication :   October 1996

An introduction to the Hotsuma Tsutae in an easy storytelling style. (English version)

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